Holiday Absence Request (Lancashire County Council Guidance)

Please note: Completion of this form is necessary for any absence other than medical appointments. It does NOT guarantee that an absence will be authorised.

It is a legal requirement for parents/carers to obtain the permission of the Headteacher before removing their child from school in order to take a holiday during term time. Parents do not have an automatic right to take their children out of school for holidays during term time and may be issued with a Penalty Notice (£120 per parent per child) if they do so without prior arrangement with the Headteacher.

Parents wishing to apply for their child to be granted leave from school should complete this form and return it to school for consideration before booking and well in advance of the proposed leave. Upon receipt of a request the Headteacher will make a decision as to whether to authorise the absence, being mindful of government regulations and LA guidance. The legislation only allows the Headteacher to authorise such leave in special or exceptional circumstances. By definition, special or exceptional trips should not occur regularly. Therefore, it is not expected that holiday leave will be requested on an annual basis. For leave of more than 10 school days in duration, or when school have concerns about the leave request, the Headteacher or their representative will arrange to meet with you to discuss your application.


Pupils attend school for a maximum of 190 days each academic year. Regular attendance is vital for your child's educational progress. The Local Authority expects that all parents/carers ensure their children attend school whenever possible. Absence during school time is largely prohibited by regulation and hinders academic progress. Even in exceptional circumstances, the following factors may be taken into account when considering an application for leave:

  • Will leave at this point in time be detrimental to the pupil's education?
  • Will he/she miss any national tests or examinations?
  • Is his/her attendance a cause for concern?
  • Is the proposed absence during the month of September or any other transition period?
  • Has he/she already had leave during term time this year?
  • Did he/she have leave of absence during term time in the previous school year(s)?
  • Does he/she have any absences which have been recorded as unauthorised this year?

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