Learning to Read

The school’s reading schemes

Early Reading and Phonics

All pupils in Years Reception, 1 and 2 have phonic sessions each morning in small groups. These groups change as the children progress. The school bases its phonics teaching on the Letters and Sounds programme. Children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to sound out words, helping them to develop their reading skills and spelling.

To support our pupils in learning to read, the school uses a variety of different reading schemes. In reception the children begin with picture books with no words to help develop their early language skills. Individual words will also be sent home as an introduction to reading. Once pupils begin the reading scheme it is colour banded and includes a variety of commercially produced reading books. Pupils may progress onto another colour band without reading every book in that colour range and at other times more consolidation of a certain stage may be required. As older pupils become more confident and independent readers then they progress onto free readers from the school library, usually modern fiction for young people.

Reading Resources

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